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Getting Started

OK, first things first. 

  1. Create a new account. 
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Subscribe Plan & Billing

A Free Trial and two plan rates.
→ $  17/month for the team 
→ $ 170/year for the team

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Account Settings

What is the status of your account? 
→ Subscribe Plan and Billing payment portal
→ Invite new team members

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Questions we have answered  already. Questions like:
→ Does this work on my phone?
→ What does each team member cost?
→ How do I Sign Out?

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I have a feature request

Excellent! We are a responsive company and open to new ideas. We have a number of developments already in planning but those are just our ideas!  What are yours? Send us a note, k?

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We Recommend

If you are using your laptop, iPad or phone for more than just photos, we recommend these helpers. We have listed three of our “go to” tools we use all the time.  A password manager, a daily back-up tool and a cleaner. 

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Getting Started

Simplify Caring, Tiny, Online Office, Organize your Team

Simplify Caring is a web-based application that works in most web browsers. This means you don’t need to download any software or install anything on your computer or device.

At, as a new user, select ‘Start your own team‘.

Step 1

Follow instructions and enter your correct information. Ensure that the email address is correct. Without a valid email address you cannot complete the Sign Up.

Simplify Caring, Tiny, Online Office, Organize your Team
Step 2

An email has been sent to the email address you provided. Find that email and follow the instructions to confirm your Email Address. 

Please note:
The ‘Confirm Email Address’ email with the ‘Confirm’ link is active for a day. After a day the link becomes inactive and Step 1 must be repeated.

Simplify Caring, Tiny, Online Office, Organize your Team
Step 3

Create your team and choose your account password.

Simplify Caring, Tiny, Online Office, Organize your Team
Step 4

Note that your credit card payment information is being collected here by Stripe, the credit card processor. It is not gathered nor stored into Simplify Caring Web-App databases. 

Complete the payment information as required in the form and Subscribe! 

Your 14 day Free Trial begins now. You will receive notification before Day 15 when your Credit Card will be charged for the first subscription period. 

Simplify Caring, Tiny, Online Office, Organize your Team
Subscription success! 

Thank you for subscribing. Welcome! 

Click the “Get Started” button to enter.


Subscribe Plan & Billing

Plan Rates

Simplify Caring has two available Plan rates. 
→ Monthly Rate = $17 CAD per month, per team.
→ Yearly Rate = $170 CAD per year, per team.

Your team might have two people, maybe seven people? Same rate. Maximum 9 people per team account.
Wholesale rates are available for users interested in a bulk plan for their clients or groups. Please contact us for details. 

Payment Methods

Simplify Caring accepts all major credit cards. Here’s the list. 
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, and China UnionPay payments from customers worldwide.

Explain the Free Trial?

After signing up using your credit card you have access to all the features of Simplify Caring. No fees are charged to your card until the 14 day Free Trial is complete. You will be notified in advance before the Subscribe Plan Fee is charged to your credit card. 

You can cancel during the Free Trial period and your credit card information is automatically deleted from Stripe, our payment processor. If you choose to sign up again after canceling, your Subscribe Plan will be accepted but without the Free Trial benefit. 

My Credit Card has expired.

Select your team name, top-right of the screen to open your ‘Account’ settings in the drop-down list.

Select ‘Account’.

In the ‘Manage Your Account’ modal select ‘Billing’.

Here you’ll see ‘Update Payment Method’ beside the red ‘Cancel Subscription’ box. Select Update Payment Method which takes you to your Subscribe Plan account at Stripe.

Find ‘Payment Method’ and ‘Add Payment Method’ to enter your new credit card information. When that is complete and accepted, remove the expired card information using the ‘x’ to the right of the expired card info. 

While you’re here at the Stripe Plan page, have a look around and ensure all your information is correct. 


Stripe Fact 1

Highly Recommended

We use Stripe for your Subscribe Plan payment processing because we think it’s the best in industry. Capterra ratings appear to agree. 

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Stripe Fact 2

Data Encryption

Stripe encrypts sensitive data both in transit and at rest, ensuring that your information is protected from potential threats.

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Stripe Fact 3

Peace of Mind

Your peace of mind is also our peace of mind. We are grateful for’s reputation and obsession with security. Visit their website to read more about Stripe.

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Account Settings

Simplify Caring, Tiny, Online Office, Organize your Team
Your profile

This displays who you registered as and the contact email we have on record as your validated email address.

Team settings
  1. Your chosen team name.
  2. Your chosen team description. 
Team management
  1. These are the current team members. You can add or remove a team member from this team here.
  2. This display also indicates Invitations you have sent that are still pending. This means the Invitee has not responded yet. Maybe drop them a note or phone to ensure they’ve seen your invitation? 
  3.  Invite new members to your team. 
Inviting a Team Member
  1. This is what the email invitation looks like that your invited team member receives.
  2. They simply need to click to accept the invitation, which also serves as an email address validation.
  3. They may be asked to enter the ‘Code’ number when they join your Simplify Caring team. 
  1. The status of your subscription account. 
  2. What card you used to pay for this subscription.
  3. Your plan. Monthly or Yearly payments. 
  4. From here you can access your payment profile at, our online payment processor. 
  5. From here you can also cancel your subscription. Consider this move carefully as all information will be lost when you complete this cancellation. 
  6. Note that the information on this modal is collected by and displayed here by Stripe, the credit card processor. It is not gathered nor stored into Simplify Caring Web-App databases. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What should I do first?

Set up your new account here.
Invite a few team members.
Add a to-do item or two.
Upload your first document.
Add a contact to your directory.
Leave a note for your team.

Can I use Simplify Caring offline?

Simplify Caring is a web-app that runs on an internet connected browser. It works where-ever you have connectivity. If your connection is via ethernet plugged in, wifi or using your phone for a hot-spot connection, as long as you have internet working, is working. 

Quickest way to find something?


Documents, Contacts and Notes all have a search box. Select the heading from the top-left menu, then type in any word you can remember for the document, contact or note that you’re looking for and it’ll appear instantly. 

You’ll also notice that Documents, Contacts and Notes are stored alphabetically by the first letter of the first word in the title you chose when you uploaded it. 

How do I Sign Out?

  1. Select the Team drop-down menu (top right)
  2. See Sign Out option and select it. 
  3. All good! 

Does the To-Do Calendar sync with my Calendar?

This To-Do Calendar uses the calendar layout because that is how we visualize our to-do’s but is not a shareable calendar. This may be a future feature but is not now. 

My invited team member didn't receive my invite.

You can send invitations to up-to 9 team members all for the same subscription price! If the email invite did not arrive, check these:

 → make sure the email address is spelled correctly
 → if you copy/pasted the email there may have been an extra character, space or dot?
 → contact your invited team member and ask her to check her email’s spam and junk folders

Can more than one team member be logged in at a time?

Of course! Teamwork!
You might be typing over one another and notice that but yes, be on there together. For example, if you are connected with your team member(s) via Zoom or phone and helping a new team member learn how to upload a PDF document. 

Does this work on my phone?


  1. Ensure you are connected to the internet via your data plan or a wifi connection. Simplify Caring is not a downloadable app. It is used via the browser on your device. Always updated with the latest changes and security updates. 
  2. Optimally you’ll use your iPad or similar tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Less scrolling.
  3. The web-app is designed for a minimum screen width of 360 pixels. If you are getting a “screen to narrow” message when using your phone, tilt your phone sideways and to see the web-app.  

We Recommend

This user-friendly password managment solution has been used by us for years. We manage hundreds of client passwords and Keeper Security keeps this sensitive information safe and readily accessible, from anywhere. 

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Carbonite is a reliable and convenient backup solution that gives users peace of mind by automatically and securely storing their important files, documents, and memories in the cloud.

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