Simplify Caring, Tiny, Online Office, Organize your Team

To-do today
To-do tomorrow

On this ‘Start’ screen you’ll see the ‘to-do’ list for today and also tomorrow. Quick planning at a glance. 

Add a new to-do item to the list.

Edit that item by clicking on that to-do item.

Add detailed descriptions. i.e. Google Map link?

Decide which category this belongs in. Financial, Legal or Medical?

To-Do page
To-Do Item Done!

Find the dedicated To-Do page by selecting To-Do’s at the page-top main menu.

Once there, you can choose your view (near-top-right). Select Day, Week or Today.

Add a new item and notice that you can click on the new item, edit, add details, delete or change the category. 

Categories available include Medical, Financial and Legal. You can also leave the item uncategorized.  Each category has a color designation, pre-selected. 

To mark a To-Do item as done, move your mouse or cursor over the completed item and notice the check-mark on the right. Click on that check-mark and the item is marked a complete with a decisive strike-through! 

Clicking on your item opens it. On the bottom left see the circled ‘i’ for Information. There you’ll see which team member posted that To-Do item and when it was last edited.

Of course, the garbage can beside the Information icon is the Delete option. You’ll be asked if you’re really, really sure before you Delete it for good.

Simplify Caring, Tiny, Online Office, Organize your Team